UI, UX, Design & Development

Meshify is a total internet-of-things solution. Connected devices stream data into the cloud, where it can then be visualized in a custom dashboard. I was hired to first create those custom dashboards and then to redesign the entire front-end web application — twice.

This entailed both design and development responsibilities: first, renovating an existing backbone.js application, and second, designing a whole new Riot.js application from the ground up.

  1. The first iteration. I took inspiration from the design of Spotify's web application: a main view of a user's connected devices (with filters), and then additional views would pop in and layer accordion-style over the map as you drilled down further into the device data.

  2. The second iteration. A Meshify dashboard is split into two key views: the administration application, and a device-centric application. The device-centric application is where users view all of their connected devices and associated data in a dashboard customized to their specific use case. I built the groundwork for the design and made it responsive across all devices.

  3. The administration application is where a user registers devices, configures users and notifications, etc. My work was foundational: creating a consistent visual design throughout the application, normalizing typography, white space, and interactive elements through the many forms and wizards, and ensuring the whole application was accessible on desktop and mobile alike.